Convenience Kills EP

by The Grand Opiate

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released April 25, 2017

Matt Price: Guitar
Menno Verbaten: Bass/Vox
Kaspars Lucey-Grinbergs: Drums

Recorded and mixed by: John Haddad at Trench Studios



all rights reserved


The Grand Opiate Los Angeles, California

The Grand Opiate was formed in 2013 under the name SlaveState.
Out of the ashes of SlaveState arose The Grand Opiate, featuring
members of Lightning Swords Of Death, Behold! The Monolith and WitchCasket.
The Grand Opiate plays grindcore, plain and simple.
Grindcore that makes you think and grind your teeth.
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Track Name: Hide Behind

Hide behind your shallow lifestyle
Hide behind your infantile toys
Hide behind your speed and your cocaine
Hide behind your meaningless noise

There really is nowhere, nowhere to…

Hide behind your informed opinions
Hide behind your fictional facts
Hide behind your a-social circle
Hide behind your self righteous act

There really is nowhere, nowhere to…
Track Name: Immigrant

I am an immigrant
A second class citizen
An inconvenient truth
An uneasy compromise

I am an immigrant
Persona non grata
For most and to many
A servant lacking bonds

Give us your weak and poor, we’ll make them suffer more
Treat them with suspicion, total indifference
Keep them in a state of total uncertainty
To assert full control of their dismal realities

I am an immigrant
Drowning in red tape
I live by the grace
Of those who care not
Track Name: Misinformation/Disinformation

Fact or fiction
Lines have been blurred
Maliciously spreading
Confusion is the endgame

War of information
Anonymous adversaries
Who is the real enemy?
Track Name: tHINK aGAIN

It doesn’t matter who you vote for
As long as you vote
It doesn’t matter who you pray for
As long as you pray

Or so they would have you think
Or so they would have you think

It doesn’t matter who you work for
As long as you work
It doesn’t matter who you buy from
As long as you buy

Or so they would have you think
Or so they would have you think

Think again!
Track Name: Erase The Past

Blind Faith, blind hate
Destroy & erase
History = heresy
Eradicate, without trace

History repeats itself!

Extremism, ignorance
Cause & Effect
Hatred has no pallet
History has no place

History repeats itself!

Blind Faith, blind hate
Destroy & erase
History = heresy
Eradicate, without trace

History repeats itself!
Track Name: Peasants

You talk about Freedom
You talk about Wealth
You talk about Choices
And Equality too

A Brave New World
Modern and fair
With Justice and Liberty
For all who adhere

Nothing has changed
We’re still fucking Peasants

You voice your opinion
You voice your ideas
You’re making a statement
As if anyone cares

You point out to others
This is the Land of the Free
United and faultless
And classless and free

Nothing has changed
We’re still fucking Peasants
Groveling in shit
At our Masters boot
Track Name: Neocolonialism = Slavery

The golden rule of human survival
Don’t bite the hand that feeds
So give the masses substandard sustenance
And they won’t bite!

The golden rule of public relations
Make it look like you are the liberators
So give the masses the illusion of freedom
And they won’t rise!

The golden rule of the human condition
See through the oppressors self serving lies
Enslaved through deception, shackled by promise
Rid you of these and then you shall rise!
Track Name: Global Corporate Takeover
Global Corporate Takeover

You pull our strings
You are the noose
We’re bound and gagged
And bound to lose

Our palms are greased
Our mouths are shut
We’re bought and sold
Our doom is fuckin wrought
Track Name: Division (divide et impera)

Politics of power
Politics of fear
Media distorts the facts
We all live in fear

Conspiracies of Terror
Conspiracies of Faith
Spoon-fed on uncertainty
We are taught to hate

Hate your neighbor
Distrust your peers
Everyone’s a terrorist
We all live in fear

Contradicting statements
Confusion’s just a tool
Inject on daily basis
We are played the fool

Global paranoia
Intolerance the creed
Divide and fucking conquer
It’s fear on which they feed

Fear on which they feed!
Track Name: Preaching To The Deaf

The unheard, the unspoken.
The hidden meanings, the unwritten word.
Misinterpretations, twisted truths.
Silenced cries, false dogma.
The Grand Opiate.

Unopposed, with eyes wide open.
Docile, dosed, dazed.
Swallow and choke, swallow and choke.
The Grand Opiate.

Blind to reason.
Inconvenient fact.
Pacified in chains.
Shackled without protest.
The Grand Opiate.

A distant nagging sensation.
Heard as from afar.
Fails to register.
Falls on Deaf Ears.
The Grand Opiate.

Smart phones.
Dumb humans.
Activate device.
Deactivate all thought.
They got you where they want you.
And you didn't even notice.
Without regret you embrace.
The Grand Opiate.